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Governance-in-Sport.com Sports Gaming and Best Casino Guide, The way in which sports and sporting teams are governed on an international level determines how successful the endeavor will become, as well as its longevity.  From the sponsors to the fans, rules and a defined set of roles and responsibilities are imperative in the monitoring and enforcement of fair play in sporting events.

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January 15, 2008
Legitimacy of new sports

The role and legitimacy of governing organizations depends on continuing and widespread confidence in their institutional structures, governance arrangements, rules and dispute mechanisms. Without this confidence the value of the sports, events and championships for which they are responsible may be adversely affected.

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January 09, 2008
Effective governance of sports is particularly complex because of the wide range of participants involved. These include: individuals and clubs; local, national and international organisations; commercial and non-commercial interests; educational and training bodies. These groups typically have different priorities and inter-relationships within and outside the sport. Individual sports are typically characterized by multiple interests and roles, and a complex combination of legal, regulated and self-regulatory frameworks, contractual relationships, best-practices, implicit relationships and tacit understandings.

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